CPFO Exam Prep


Please see the CPFO Candidate Guide to learn how to enroll in the program, the steps to develop a study plan, and more.

The CPFO Exam Prep product includes recorded GFOA eLearning Courses relevant to topics in the seven CPFO exam content outlines. Over 130 hours of content through 20+ courses are available for viewing in this product.

Each exam section includes at least one practice test. The tests are not intended to be an exhaustive review of all topics to pass the official CPFO exams. They supplement the recommended readings, best practices, and recorded eLearning Courses.

The recorded eLearning Courses will help you prepare for the exam, but the training was not developed solely to support the CPFO exams. There will be topics on the exams that may not be emphasized or covered directly in training. We provide the training (along with best practices, research articles, etc.) to help candidates gain familiarity with the topics. The official exams will cover topics covered in the recommended study resources.

Please see the "study terms and concepts" handout available for each exam for details on topics examinees should be familiar with for the official CPFO exams. 

In addition to viewing the recorded content in the prep product, examinees will need a copy of the GAAFR Blue Book as a study resource for the Accounting and Risk Assessment exams. Any version since 2020 is suitable as a study resource.

To view the content outlines and additional materials recommended for each exam, please go to the CPFO Exam Content and Specifications page.

If you have questions, please email us at certification@gfoa.org

Please note that viewing the recorded seminars does not qualify for NASBA CPEs.

The GFOA Learning Management system is not compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox to access the LMS.