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Since 1999, RPI Consultants has helped government agencies leverage enterprise technology and software applications to streamline business processes and better serve their constituents. As a CloudSuite specialized Infor Alliance Partner and an Infor Government Essentials Partner, we provide business, functional, and technical consulting for ERP implementation and optimization.


Migrating to Infor's CloudSuite Public Sector

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  • Infor Lawson Pre-Planning for FSM
    The transition to CloudSuite FSM represents one of the biggest opportunities that current Infor customers have to match their modern business practices with a software solution that data-driven, role-based, and build from the ground up to reflect the way work gets done.
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RPI Consultants is a premier sponsor of GFOA’s 2021 Virtual Conference. Maximize your investment in GFOA by scheduling a meeting with RPI today. You know our consultants from user group meetings, working with them onsite, and from our famous live webinar series. Now you can interact with them on a more personal level by scheduling a meeting with RPI Consultants during GFOA’s Virtual Conference 2021. You can schedule a meeting here

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